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Leverage cloud to enhance your business functionalities
Bally Produce Corp
Food Distribution Logistics Made Easy


When one of the largest food distributors in New York City faced challenges with the inflexibility of their propriety legacy systems, they reached out to Pynnacle to help.  Project Declutter was Bally Produce Corp's first release, where a custom application was built from scratch to streamline distribution processes and also set the foundation to centralized the control of silo'ed departments into a single cloud platform.  

Bally Product Corp
Better Metrics and Forecasting


Building upon the initial success of the first roll-out, Project Metrics focuses on the financial aspect of Bally Produce Corp.  Having captured all relevant data with the centralized cloud platform in the first release, Bally Produce was able to take advantage and build upon existing capabilities to incorporate all financial functionalities and improved the accounting workflow by 42%. 

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